Who We Are


Sexual violence has long been considered as a private or unimportant matter, shameful sexual problem, matter of female chastity, or lies told by women, thus, has not been brought to light until recently. Furthermore, Korean society's distorted sexual traditions and gender perception prevented victims from receiving any appropriate assistance or support. In 1991, when not many people perceived sexual violence as a violation of sexual self-determination, Korea Sexual Violence Relief Center opened its door with hopes of changing such hostile environment.

KSVRC is a women's activist organization who aims to reveal the nature of sexual violence and to fight against such violence; it is a matter of social structure, resulting from power relations between gender. We have assisted and supported sexual violence survivors through various activities, including, but not limited to, more than 75,000 counsels, proposals for enactment and revision of related laws, policy monitoring and evaluation, publishing, and education programs.


Korea Sexual Violence Relief Center Lee Mikyoung(Director), Kim Hyejung (Deputy Director), Sunmin, Yonjung, Ran Choi, Eunhee, Bae, Gami, Claire, Shina
Affiliated Survivors Shelter Yeolimteo Jeong Junghee(Director), Park Jihee, Jeon Hyeyoung, Soonyou Jeon 
Affiliated Research Institute Ulim Kim Bohwa(Senior researcher), Joori Jang(Researcher)


  • 2017 Recipient of the Second Prize for Women's Award, awarded by Seoul City(Recogznied for our work on improving women's rights by provision pf psychological, medical, legal support for sexual violence victims)
    Published <The Only Standard: Enthusiastic Consent>, as the first book of our publication series of Critical Court Judgements
    29th round of Sexual Violence support counselor education
  • 2015 Street Harassment Project Sang-sang Toon
    Break the Supreme Court Precedent for Gender Equality Project (ongoing program)
  • 2014 Affiliated Survivors Shelter Yeolimteo's 20th anniversary commemorative project
  • 2013 opened Affiliated Research Institute Ulim
  • 2011 KSVRC's 20th anniversary commemorative project
  • 2010 Gender Sensitization Training (ongoing program)
    selected as an Excellent Group in Cooperative Project by Ministry of Gender Equality and Family
  • 2008 Yeo-Ag-Yeo-Rak Concert
    Human Rights Sensitivity Training Program and book publishing (will be published soon)
  • 2006 Break the Supreme Court Precedent Movement

    Desire Seeking and Little Talks (Ongoing program)
  • 2005 Sexual Violence Survivors Speech Contest participants won the Stepping Stone for Gender Equality Awards
  • 2004 Yeo-Ag-Yeo-Rak Concert
    Feminist Self-defense Training (Ongoing program)
    ~2009 Reclaim the Night Korea
    ~2007 operated Affiliated Survivors Self-sustaining Community Ha-dam
  • 2003 Sexual Violence Survivors Speech Contest (Ongoing program)
  • 1998 ~2006 operated Affiliated Gender Equality Education Center
    operated Affiliated 21C FemaleㆍMedia Movement Center
  • 1997 ~2006 operated Affiliated Sexual Violence Research Institute
  • 1994 opened Affiliated Survivors Shelter Yeolimteo
  • 1993 ~2000 coperated with Sexual Violence Crisis Center
    ~1999 cooperated with Committee for the Seoul National University Sexual Harassment Case and a Joint Defense Council
  • 1991 Korea Sexual Violence Relief Center established in April
    ~1993 cooperated with Special Act on Sexual Violence Promotion Committee