Yeolimteo is a women's shelter for sexual violence survivors established in 1994. In Korean, 'Yeolimteo' (열림터) translates to "open ground", which is meant to describe the center as a welcoming place that will open up new prospects for any woman who has suffered sexual violence. At the time the shelter was opened, there was a lack of social awareness of sexual violence among Korean society, and also few legal or institutional frameworks to support the survivors. Yeolimteo was created for those who urgently need a safe haven before any other assistance.

In the last two decades, Yeolimteo enhanced its support system for survivors and changed from a short-term emergency facility, to a medium and long-term shelter that can accommodate up to 10 people. Any woman who is a survivor  of sexual violence is welcome regardless of age.

Yeolimteo provides various types of support for women who have experienced repetitive sexual violence from relatives or close acquaintances, including counseling, recovery therapy, legal and medical assistance, and education and job training. Yeolimteo helps survivors escape abusive environments and safely begin a new journey towards recovery and growth.  


  • 2014 20th anniversary celebration ceremony
    published "Our Lives are Verb: intrafamilial sexual abuse survivors and Yeolimteo speak together"
  • 2007 published "Find a Compass: supporting adolescent intrafamilial sexual abuse victims"
  • 2004 10th anniversary commemorational seminar "Support Status and the Issues of Sexual Violence Survivors in Shelter"
  • 2001 published "Shelter Opens Tomorrow: the guidelines for sexual violence survivors shelter operation to enhance integrated support system"
  • 1999 5th anniversary commemorational seminar "Status Quo and the Issues of Sexual Violence Victim Support System"
  • 1995 1st anniversary commemorational seminar "Yeolimteo Opens Tomorrow"
  • 1994 KSVRC Affiliated Survivors Shelter Yeolimteo opened