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Sexual violence is routinely dismissed as "private," "unimportant," or "shameful" sexual issue, and wrongly associated with "female virginity," or "lies" told  by women. Moreover, Korean society's traditions and distorted perceptions of sex and gender, has until recently, kept sexual violence unaddressed, preventing survivors from receiving appropriate assistance and support. The Korean Violence Relief Center (KSVRC), opened in 1991 when sexual violence was not yet understood as a violation of sexual self-determination. Since then, our doors have remained opened with the hope of changing Korea's hostile environment towards survivors. 

KSVRC is a women's activist organization that aims to reveal the nature of sexual violence as a structural problem caused by power relations between gender. We have assisted and supported sexual violence survivors through various activities, including but not limited to providing more than 85,000 one-on-one counseling sessions, proposing the enactment and revision of laws, monitoring and evaluating policy, publishing materials, and running educational programs.


Korea Sexual Violence Relief CenterKim Hyejung (Director), Ran Choi(Deputy Director), Jeon Hyeyoung, Gami, Yurang, Parang, KyungJin, Claire, Shina, Somang Han 
Yeolimteo Shelter Eunhee Cho(Director), Park Jihee, Susu, Nakta, SangA 
Ulim Research Institute Kim Bohwa(Senior researcher), Joori Jang(Researcher)


  • 2020 Conference on the 'consent' of a minor under the age of 16: Between Punishing the Assailant And Ensuring the Victim's Competence
    Release of the <Practical Advise on Supporting Transgender Sexual Violence Survivors>

    (Joint Effort) Joint action for the Mayor of Seoul city sexual violence case
    (Joint Effort) Joint task force for the Oh Keo-don sexual violence case
    (Joint Effort) Joint task force for the Telegram sextortion
  • 2019 (Joint Effort) Solidarity conferences for revision of 'rape laws' (Ongoing program)
    (Joint Effort) Joint task force for the sexual violence against sexual minority/female soldier in the Navys
  • 2018 An emergency debate on the gender politics associated with the biased investigations on illegal filming cases
    Between Damage and Survival, discussions on workplace sexual violence conference
    From Suspicion to Support, dissecting sexual violence counter-accusations forum

    (Joint Effort) Social movement for the #Metoo movement
    (Joint Effort) Joint task force for the Ahn Hee-Jung sexual violence case
    (Joint Effort) Joint task force for the Lee Yountaek sexual violence case
  • 2017 Awarded Second Prize for Women's Award by Seoul City
    (Recognized for safeguarding women's rights by providing psychological, medical, & legal support for sexual violence victims)
    Published Book <The Only Standard: Enthusiastic Consent>, the first book of our publication series, <Critical Sexual Violence Court Judgement Cases>
    29th round of educational training for sexual violence support counselors
    (Joint Effort) Launched the <Joint Action for Reproductive Justice> (Ongoing program)
  • 2015 Street Harassment Project Sang-sang Toon
    Break the Supreme Court Precedent for Gender Equality Project (ongoing program)
  • 2014 Yeolimteo Shelter's 20th Anniversary commemorative project
  • 2013 Research Institute Ulim Opens
  • 2011 KSVRC's 20th Anniversary commemorative project
  • 2010 Gender Sensitization Training (ongoing program)
    selected as an "Excellent Group in Cooperative Project" by Ministry of Gender Equality and Family
  • 2008 Yeo-Ag-Yeo-Rak Concert
    Human Rights Sensitivity Training Program and book publishing (will be published soon)
  • 2006 Break the Supreme Court Precedent Movement

    Desire Seeking and Little Talks (Ongoing program)
  • 2005 Sexual Violence Survivors Speech Contest participants awarded "Stepping Stone for Gender Equality" Award
  • 2004 Yeo-Ag-Yeo-Rak Concert
    Feminist Self-defense Training (Ongoing program)
    ~2009 Reclaim the Night Korea
    ~2007 Ran Survivors Self-sustaining Community Ha-dam
  • 2003 Sexual Violence Survivors Speech Contest (Ongoing program)
  • 1998 ~2006 Gender Equality Education Center and Affiliated 21C FemaleㆍMedia Movement Center is established
  • 1997 ~2006 Ran Sexual Violence Research Institute
  • 1994 Yeolimteo Shelter is Established
  • 1993 ~2000 coperated with Sexual Violence Crisis Center
    ~1999 cooperated with Committee for the Seoul National University Sexual Harassment Case and a Joint Defense Council
  • 1991 Korea Sexual Violence Relief Center established in April
    ~1993 cooperated with Special Act on Sexual Violence Promotion Committee
Commercialization of sexual violence counter-accusations and ‘retaliatory, planned counter-accusations’(2018) PDF 관리자 ㅣ 2019-09-23 ㅣ 1509

Korean Sexual Violence Relief Center (KSVRC) affiliated Research Institute 'Ulim' analyses anti-sexual violence theories, sexual violence culture, as well as the laws, policies and systems regarding sexual violence, based on the data and experiences accumulated by the KSVRC through its support of sexual violence victims/survivors for the past 28 years.

In the 'Anti-Sexual Violence Issue Report', Volume 12, published by 'Ulim' in December 2018, several research papers related to most up-to-date sexual violence issues are introduced. All the papers are in Korean, and one of these papers, entitled "Commercialization of sexual violence counter-accusations and ‘retaliatory, planned counter-accusations’" is now translated into English. 

The author of the paper is Bo Hwa Kim, who is a Senior Researcher of the KSVRC 'Ulim' Research Institute. In her paper, Bo Hwa Kim studies the ‘retaliatory, planned counter-accusation’, which is a recent trend of sexual violence counter-accusations in South Korea. As author defines, the sexual violence counter-accusation is "when the sexual violence perpetrator and the prosecutor accuse and prosecute the victim for false accusation, perjury and others after the victim of sexual violence accuse the perpetrator for sexual violence, or when the perpetrator or the perpetrator's allies accuse the victim and the victim's allies for defamation, insult and others or file a civil suit for damages". 

This paper looks through the cases where several counter-accusations have been proceeded against the victim of sexual violence, the allies of the victim, the person in solidarity with a victim, and the third person, naming this phenomenon as ‘retaliatory, planned counter-accusations’.

"Now, solidarity among perpetrators is not restricted to merely a discourse. It goes beyond feelings of injustice and resistance. Rather, solidarity is becoming more ‘planned’. For instance, perpetrators share information on counter-measures, the lawyers who helped them, etc. Moreover, certain law firms increase the threat and counter-accusation cases against victims by using promotional phrases such as ‘lawyer dedicated to sex crimes,’ ‘I will help clear you of suspicion or to be acquitted,’ ‘expert for false accusations.’ (…)" (p.3)

● The original, Korean version of the 'Anti-Sexual Violence Issue Report' is also available online, and can be downloaded from here ↓↓↓ http://www.sisters.or.kr/load.asp?subPage=310.view&cate1=%BC%D2%BD%C4%C1%F6&cate2=B02&page=1&idx=235

● The PDF version of the translated paper can be downloaded from here ↓↓↓ 

Translated by: Jin Sun Park  (Intern, KSVRC/ Sciences Po)

Checked by: Anat Schwartz (Visiting researcher, KSVRC)